Grinding Towards the Finish

We are in the final stretches of the race. We hooked up with a nice squall last night that picked up to about 28 knots of wind speed. It was all hands on deck to get the weight moved aft and all the crew weight. We gybed and have been aiming from Hawaii. It’s a very close race with Magnitude right now.

Everything becomes a little more difficult when we are trying to figure out where they are with a six hour delay on the tracking. They have been doing a good job to use that delay to their advantage and sneak away from us. The outcome of this race will probably be decided in the next 12 hours depending on wind direction and strength. The boys are working really hard on the handles and the drivers are taking every wave they can. The boat is settled into a nice groove right now and the off watch is trying to get some rest before a bug push tonight. We have ETA of tomorrow morning. Wish us luck on this last push and hopefully the next update will be from land.

By the way, the tracker will go live when we hit 100 miles from the finish. So west coasters, get up early and check it out! And east coasters, enjoy a nice breakfast while we make final gybes down the Molokai Chanel and into Diamond head!



  1. Deborah Fell says

    Hap, Ray and I are rooting hard for a Bella Mente victory…..bring home the Barn Door Trophy!!!! Deb

    • Hap says

      Thanks Deb,
      Your following our progress means so much to me. Wouldn’t Mom and Dad Love this!
      Love Hap

  2. Jay Rettaliata says


    Your old Great South Bay buddies have been tracking Bella Mente in Transpac 2011 and pulling for you all the way.

    Congrats on a great race – just like in the old days.

    Bring her home!

    Jay & Jeff Rettaliata and Bob & Dick DeYoung

  3. Jay Rettaliata says


    Congrats on a great race.

    Bring her home

    Your old Great South Bay buddies – Jay & Jeff Rettaliata and Bob & Dick DeYoung

  4. Hap says

    Thanks for following Bella Mente
    Our Progress continues with a new boat in the build stage and a focus on A Sydney Hobart next Christmas.
    It is heartening to have all the support from the old South Bay gang of sailors-live long friends.
    My bets to all,

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